Dairy free Ice cream treats

Dairy free ice cream treats

You can get as totally creative as you like with these! Substitute fruits for whatever is your fav or whatever you have available. You can add things like nuts, honey or maple syrup, cinnamon there are so many different things you can try! I don't even know where to stop. But I will! here is just a couple to start you off!


Can of 100% coconut milk or cream
Berries of your choice (fresh or frozen)
Spoonful of raw cacao powder (optional)
1 banana

1. Freeze coconut cream/milk in ice cube trays
2. When ready to eat blend in a processor (or blender should work) ice cubes, berries, banana and cacao until smooth!!!

Use as many ice cubes as you need for a perfect consistency, depending on how many you are making for.

Straight up banana nut

Cashews (that have been soaked over night)
Frozen bananas

1. In a blender or processor, blend cashews and bananas until smooth.

*If you want a bit of a crunch add some macadamias or brazil nuts, with some cinnamon. Or add some mango or passionfruit for a more tropical desert. If you want it even creamier you can add some of your frozen coconut cream.