Ha ha ha ha!!! How easy is that?!

So let us start from the start…..

For most of you that predominately eat a mainstream diet of supermarket bought packaged and commercial foods, with a bit of fruit and veg mixed in then the thought of changing your ‘foodstyle’ let alone your lifestyle is probably freaking you out!  But relaaaaaaaaax! Don’t think that to live a healthier life that you need to be making all of these crazy weirdo changes that are probably unachievable, not even relative to you and completely unrealistic to your life at the moment.  These new crazy ideas are usually the latest in the ‘what’s hot’ section of the newspapers. Or better yet, what’s ‘trending’. What does that even mean anyway????

Let me be super clear. This is not a new way of life. It is actually old. It just might be new to what you have always known. And it is so not our fault. It is just about getting back to basics. As one of my fav podcasters Sean Croxton says ‘old school foods don’t create new age diseases'. Fat wasn’t put in food to kill us! Now I don’t want you all thinking that just because I support and promote the benefits of getting more and more superhero like that I am trying to convert you from your skinny milk vanilla latte breakfast and supermarket pasta with tin canned sauce dinner (which does make me want to vomit just a tiny bit in my mouth) trust me, I would looooooooove to! But I don’t have a certificate IV in cult leading. It is just about giving you the information in more of ‘dummies guide ’ way that it is much more digestible that is going to help you decide what feels right for and is important to you and where you might be with your health at the moment. For me, over the years I have gotten so worked up and confused at what I should and shouldn’t be doing. You read one thing that tells you something is good and then the next thing tells you it’s bad! Aaaaaaah!!!! And then I started to realise…..’hang on just because a food or particular exercise is considered fantastic, doesn’t mean it is fantastic for me right now.’

As they say, the teacher will only arrive when the student is ready. And hey, you might be ready. And being ready may just be that you have a spark of interest because of someone you heard about or saw recently that has lost a bit of weight and is feeling great. Maybe depression and anxiety is becoming far to popular around you. It might be that you are sick of hearing about the increase in diseases and don’t want to head down the path that seems to be just an inevitable part of getting older.  It might even be that you are still reading! And if you are? Wooooooo weeeeeeee!

So who is with me then?  I said WHO IS WITH ME????

Cool, so what is a good recipe to start with? 

As with any recipe there is always the basic easy version and the more complicated head chef version. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!! It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan or a striving carnivore! To start with just don’t make things too complicated by trying to find the best supplement for this or, what super food you should have for that or by trying to incorporate too many new herbs, practitioners and weirdo new ‘diets.’ You just need to start easy so can achieve more teeny weeny goals rather than trying to be a superstar and achieve bigger goals but less of them.  Lots of little ones will make up those big ones!!!! What I have learnt from my own experiences is that the more I stressed out about not having this or not doing that, the more it brought me down. And once again I am not fully there yet and am still designing my own particular health model. But I don’t want you all to turn into little stress heads because that ‘S’ word is the main nasty that is causing us to get sad, fat, sick and less amazing than what we are.

stress= NOT INTERESTED!!!!

So after thinking about this online journal that I let you all to read I started to realise that even though I am super excited about learning all this stuff, not everyone else is. And that is waaaaaay fine. Because hey,  we all have different time constraints, schedules and priorities.  And mostly, we just want to know what the basics are so we can pick and choose. And as we stroll along we start to work out what we want to know more about and things we don’t. So I am going to try to keep my ramblings to a minimum. So this post is done……….

Ok kidding!

Here are some dot points (cos everyone likes dot points) of the sorts of things that you need to start considering in order to start making little changes to your day in day out lifestyle. You don’t need to do everything all at once, just start damn it!!!

ð     Clean up what you put in your mouth! And I am talking FOOD here people!
Most of us clean our houses, cars and desks regularly…..but why don’t we clean our bodies?? I’m confused. Well of course we shower, but what about the inside??  Try to minimise as best you can any packaged and overly processed foods, preservatives and additives that you eat. What this means is, you guessed it, you need to eat more of the stuff that grows and is the least molested by people.  The more ingredients, the less it helps you. I know you have probably heard all his stuff already but really the more of that kind of food that you eat, the less the good food is gonna  work.

ð     Exercise enough!
Not too little. Not too much. Juuuuuuust right! Although superficial motivators are the best way to get started. I mean who doesn’t want to look faaaaaabulous at their work Christmas party?? But what is going to happen when you hit your goal weight ? What are you going to do once you fit into your wedding dress? Are you going to keep it up? How? You need another goal to keep you going don’t you? That means your motivation needs to be greater than that dress. Find out why you exercise and continue to challenge whether it is a quick fix or not.

Remember: Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going.

ð     Sleeeeeeeeeep!
For Mellness sake SLEEP!!! What do we need? 6-8 hours. Is that all that matters? NO!! We need to be sleeping between 11pm and 3am, you need get off your Facebook and Instagram before going to sleep, do not eat less than 2 hours before going to bed (I am so bad at this!!) and prioritise it. I personally need to put sleep ahead of so many other things in my life because for health, energy levels and mental state. And one point in my life I had to and now I would much rather have more hours in my day that are happy and focused rather than just more waking hours.

ð     Reduce toxins in your body.
And this is where that ‘S’ word comes into the picture. Stress on the body or ‘stressors’ are disguised as so many things. So cheeky! They can be in the form of emotions that you are experiencing or are holding onto, financial stress, time constraints, work pressures, chemicals in our cleaning products, cosmetics, skincare, physical injuries. You name it, just about everything these days caused some amount of stress.  And this brings together all of the previous points splendidly because any thing that challenges and stresses the body, is toxic for us. And who wants to be a toxic mutant? Didn’t think so. So nut out you life and find what could be stresses your mind and body (p.s same thing, not different. They are actually bff’s) Is it that you try to cram too much in your day? Are you eating something that might be bad for your belly? Are you taking on other’s problems? Are you using shampoo that is probably harmful to the packaging that it is in let alone your head?

Pay attention to your body. It tells you stuff. Headaches. Not normal! 3PM energy slump. Not normal! Food coma after dinner. Not normal! Reflux and heartburn. Not normal! Moments of feeling down depressed and flat. No normal! A leak or blockage in the plumbing ( you know what I mean J) it’s NOOOOOOOOOOT normal!

I’m sorry peeps, well I’m not actually, but you need to be responsible for your own health care. It is not your doctor’s responsibility to keep you healthy. It is your doctor’s job to try to fix you when you are sick or diseased. This is when we are already in a state of emergency. So let’s not let it get that far.

You will get there guys, I promise. I promise, promise promise promise. And ‘there’ isn’t where I am or where others are, it is where YOU want to be. And in fact you know what? It is not even so much about getting anywhere as such, it is just about being able to god damn enjoy our lives everyday and the people that are in it! (sorry for the blasphemy!)

 And if you want to check out Sean Croxton head to http://undergroundwellness.com