Love is the best when it is home grown!

Could I be any luckier to have such beautiful people in my life??? I have been writing what was originally going to be my next post but because the excitement that was bursting out of my ears couldn't be blocked with ear plugs, I decided 'you know what, if you feel it...share it! If you have valuable information that could be helpful, beneficial and promotes something you think is worthwhile.....then SHARE IT!!! NOW! And not a moment later! So I stopped.

So this production of what can only be described as home grown awesomeness was given to me today by the most amazing friends of mine that I am blessed to have found. And might I say, I  was a little taken back at the feeling that came over me. I know it sounds a little craaaaaazaaaaay but there was this strange feeling of full circle connectively knowing exactly who had grown it, when it was planted, having seen the veggie garden it was grown in and experiencing the love in the household that created that veggie garden. Does life get any better??!!! LOL!!! I have always a firm believer in farmers markets but this just ninja kicks that out of the water for me! 

So I urge you all.....create your own veggie patch if you can, or just grow anything you can and if you can't (like me!) then lets encourage, promote and support community gardens so that people can. I can tell you that eating the carrots in my carrot, coconut and coriander mash tonight was like spooning magical fairy love into to my mouth and soul xxxx