Protein Bark

So I am a little bit genius. Yep. And I am not even joking either. So here I am minding my own business (pretty much the case when you are at home alone. D’oh!) and I decided to mix the protein powder that I just bought again after sooooo long with some coconut oil. Now Im just not that into protein powder. Everyone else is. I am not. Most of them are made of weirdo ingredients and almost always have some kind of soy product in it. But I find I lack protein and this one is purely vegetable protein. One ingredient. Happy. So now I can become a beefcake. Kidding!!

For those of you that don't live here in’s summer. So it is HOT! So my coconut oil is just pure liquid. Which is perfect because mixing solid coconut oil with my protein powder would just be like that papier-mache glue stuff.   So I threw in some goji berries and sunflower seeds and thought I would just let it set in the fridge for a while and it will be a lil treat. Holy moly!! It turned super hard and couldn’t scoop it out…….so I had to let it sit for a while......and then all of a sudden magic happened my dear little poppets……..the birth of this fabulousness…….f**k.

I mixed up another batch the next morning and poured it on a piece of baking paper on a flat baking tray and let that possum set. Wow. Just wow. I broke it in to pieces and now I have my own little non chocolate version of chocolate. Same texture as chocolate, so I am tricking myself! Literally took about 10 minutes so it is awesome for if people are coming over!

1/3 cup coconut oil melted.
4 tablespoons of protein powder (any flavour, mine is vanilla)

And anything else you want!!! Here are some good ideas:

Chopped/crushed nuts of any kind
Sultanas/rasins or goji berries
Any other chopped up dried fruit
Raw cacao

I could go on forever. You have so many possibilities! Just mix the powder and the oil together unlike it is like a paste then get crazy with combinations! Then tell me how you got crazy!!