1 easy salad 3 different ways!

Secret? I am not 12 any more. Bah I said it! So basically it means that I am not  huge fan of New Kids on the Block anymore. ………But what I AM a huge fan of is taking recipes that I find, dissecting them and doing what I want with them. And the reason why I sometimes do this is for various reasons. It is not because the original recipe is not crazy delicious. Sometimes I just don’t have all the ingredients. Or I am taking a recipe containing ingredients that I prefer not to consume and making either a gluten, dairy or maybe grain free version. But mostly?......it’s  because I really feel that cooking should be about creating. Sometimes I don't see the point in just sharing with you a recipe that I made, you go ahead and make it, everyone loves it (hopefully!) but the only part of you in there is the fact that you used your eyes to read the instructions, and your hands to prepare it?(or maybe your elbows if you have some kind of weirdo skill). 

So that is why I will try and post recipes as often as I can that give you different ideas and alternatives so not only will it help you get more creative but you can just use the same recipe over and over again and just change up an ingredient every time. Superb!

Here is today's........

Possibilities = ENDLESS!!!!!