Marrow muffins

What is marrow I hear you say? Well it's a vegetable that kind of looks and tastes a bit like a zucchini. Here, say hi to my friend marrow

So my buddies gave me 2 maaaaaasssssiiiive  marrows home grown in their little garden of love and I have lots of uses for them. One of those are these muffins! Now, thanks to the awesomeness of George Bryant of (do yourself an favour and check it out) his well known Paleo banana bread recipe (probably the easiest, healthiest and moist bread/cake you will ever make, EVER!) these little delights were created. 

I basically used his recipe base and substituted the important bits! 

2.5 cups of cooked mashed marrow (or other mashed veg)
½ cup nut butter (I used tahini)
½ cup coconut/almond flour
1 tsp bi carb
1tsp GF baking powder
1 tsp cumin (I used cumin as it goes well with marrow, but just check what spice or herb teams well with your vegetable)
4 eggs

Blend all wet ingredients in a food processor,  then add all dry ingredients and process process process.

If you want to make it a bread or loaf, baking  takes about an hour at 180 degrees 
If making the muffins, it takes about 30mins.

They are so so good warm with butter... ORRRRRRR here's what else I did with them......

Little mini burgers for work lunch, cut em open and make a sandwich of lettuce, tomato and avocado! I'm excited!!!