Gettin all spiritual and stuff on a Saturday

So I was listening to this podcast on the way to work the other day and was having quite a lot of ‘OMG that’s so true’ moments so I thought I would share it. Now beware, I am gonna get a little cray cray over here in my au naturale tie dye hemp seed incense burning corner.

Basically, it just made me question quite a bit about what we as society and humanity have already done and what we are doing to ourselves. I know that the concept of humans being too smart for their own good and potentially killing of their own race is old school…….but you know what?? It’s kinda true.

 It talks about how much we have disconnected ourselves from nature which makes us pretty damn vulnerable! Think about it, we always say ‘the forces of mother nature’ and ‘don’t mess with mother nature.’ Why? Because she is bloody powerful that’s why!!! And shouldn’t we want to stay allies with something that is powerful??? Yes yes yes!! Because that is how we win wars! But it seems that as time passes, we are losing.

We have and are continuing to distance ourselves from anything that is natural. We are bombarding ourselves with too much information, chemicals, technology and essentially have run far far away from nature and everything that it provides us with. We are getting sicker and sicker because we are dividing our selves from our natural state of being. If we divide ourselves from nature (from natural ways of living, natural healing, natural food, even from the earth) then it conquers us.  

So why do we pick on all of the tree hugging hippies that walk around barefoot?? It’s probably because they appear spaced out and have consistent body odour issues. Ok sorry, that’s not true!  Do you realise that they are probably more grounded and more in sync with how we should be living and faaaaaar more balanced and happier than most of us??? But  instead we think we have it aaaaaaaall figured out with our antibiotics, baby formulas, substitutes for this and supplements for that, plugs, wires, concrete, radiation, corporation, fake, pollution, busy, stressed, packaged, 30 second, zero calorie microwave bullshit that isn’t winning us any brownie points.

Tell me, can you remember the last time you were in the bush or forest? The beach? The mountains? Saw a waterfall, a beautiful sunset , watched butterfly or ate a fresh ripe juicy apple? And now how stressed, tired, ill, depressed and shitty did any of those make you feel?

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