The moral of the story.......behind the curtain is interesting stuff!

I am currently doing a little bit of a detox. Not a super strict detox but one that still flushes out the system with the aid of homeopathics........yes,  I can hear all the groans.......argh not another one of those bullshit detox's. Well actually that's not what I am even going to talk about. I am going to talk about ponies. Ok I'm not, but I just wanted to share how much of a weirdo I can be because I am a little bit single-white-female obsessed (an early 90's film for those who don't know. Get on it!) with learning how the body reacts to certain foods, when it doesn't have certain foods, the environment, your mental get the point. As part of my detox guidelines I am to limit myself to 1 green tea a day. Now for anyone who knows me they know how much I loooooove my green tea. In particular my Chinese Jasmine green tea! Which may get annoying for others sometimes when catching up for 'coffee' means asking what teas they have available or me asking for hot water everywhere I go to feed the teas bags lurking in my hand bag!! One thing is for sure, I never realised how addicted I was to that particular tea!! And two, although green tea does contain some caffeine it has does not contain the levels that your coffee does. I cut coffee out of my daily routine a loooong time ago and it has now just become a once a week or fortnight treat. So naturally I get normal human tired, not the come down from caffeine tired. So I guess I never noticed that green tea had much of an effect on me......WRONG!!!! Now it could just be that my body is detoxing, but I feel lots more sleepy!!!! I never knew how much my lovely tea pepped me up. I have lots of teas on hand but I always go to my green tea comfort everyday. So now it is now about pumping more herbal teas into me. 

Now I am about to share a link with you that is going to seem like a complete plug, but I just simply like knowing the story behind successes and love that it brings mindfulness to achievements that we can all make. In fact this beautiful girl is an old friend that isn't really in my life anymore but I love what she does, I love her passion, I love her businesses and she has researched, created and even packages all her own herbal teas. Her blends have the BEST names, the BEST combinations and I just really want to share. Her range is called One leaf at a time The link will take you to her Northcote Natural Therapies online store page where you can buy the tea. You can also check it out at 

So the basically learnings of today is that I don't think that we truly know a lot about the body that we carry around all day until we strip it back, start from scratch and get down and dirty with what the hell is going inside our insides!! And the tea was just the start :-)

Happy Thursday 23 of April everyone