Things I learnt over the Easter long weekend....

This post is my way of being mindful. Which I hope helps others to become more mindful. Mindful Mellness!! Hahaha.......ok that is not even funny. Just embarrassing. But seriously, you are going to have to start getting used to this talk because there is going to be a lot more of it. Especially in May. We shall chat about that later. Aaaaaaaaaanyways, in the few days over Easter in which I was so thankful to have off work I picked up on a few little bits and pieces:

  • Eating nasties once in a while if you are generally quite healthy, can be tolerated. NOT beneficial, but tolerated. Eating to much of that crap all at once makes my body prove to me how good it works by punishing me with the following...

* Mouth ulcer
* Skin break outs
* Depression
* Disrupted sleep
* Dark under eye circles

  • Staying over at mum and dads house and spending time with family can be as good as a holiday.

  • Adults too, can go crazy after eating too much chocolate!

  •  Evan Brand of notjustpaleo  pointed out a very interesting concept. We as a society do not have any stress management routines that are built into to our western culture. Many other cultures have ceremonies, rituals, yoga and meditation ingrained into their blood which we might look at and think is weird and outside the norm. But this huge part of lifestyle that we lack, needs to be filled with our own stress management tools (and not getting plastered on the weekend either!). 

Socialising, connecting with family, disconnecting from technology, getting out in the fresh open space, going with the flow and being present in as many moments as possible are all great stress management techniques that we should be turning into a routine.

  • Oh and the Easter bunny is not real..........whaaaaaaaaaaaat???