A day in the life of Mellness

So I had a biiiig day last Sunday!!! I was off gallivanting around the country side, which is something that I think everyone should do once in a while.......Or maybe even tomorrow!! But there was a purpose to my travels and this was to visit a farmers market that had been recommended to me. And I lovvvvvve farmers markets, actually I just love any market. This one was so so cute and totally in the middle of no where which was creepy but even more awesome!  

So what did I take away from my adventure apart from delicious locally grown produce sold to me with extra love??

Here are the 10 things that I learnt about my day in the country:

  •  There is something very grounding about being awake to see the sun rise and being able to watch that very sun set once again. I have decided that I think we  should see as many full circles of the sun in our lifetime as possible. That is my 2 cent worth. 
  • Strangers are nice people. If fact strangers do not exist in the country. ‘Strangers’ is just a concept that city people have made up. Country folk (OMG I just said folk!!)  like to chat, they like to actually find out about you. And face to face. Not through Facebook. Whoa!

  • Don’t bother paying $15.00 for your pretentious inner city I-CALL-MYSELF-A-LARDER-FOOD-JUDGING-CORNER-SHOP jam just because it is made of some berry you have never heard of. Or because it has a mix of banana and bacon (don’t dis, banana and bacon really works). Just make your own, or better yet, support the nannas that make and sell their own jams in random jars with post it notes for labels and pay only $3.00. Steeeeeeeal!

  • Don’t be afraid to buy stuff off the side of the road. Not like a hooker or a hitchhiker. I mean food! Whatever these guys are selling means they have excess, which means that it is in season, which then means we should eat!!! Did I just roast beautiful fresh chestnuts?? Whaaaaaaat?  

  •   I forbid myself in future to ever pay $5.99 for a 1kg of lemons when I just paid a $1.00 for 5!

  •  Don’t buy a cup of coffee unless they know their shit. Repeat do not buy a cup of coffee unless they know their shit.

  • Who needs the Swiss Alps?? (ok I do, they are breathtaking) Seriously , Australia’s landscape really shine’s at this time of year. In fact brings a bit of a tear to my eye…..awww weep.

  •   Crisp fresh air gives you more energy than a can of Red bull. Get it into you!

  •  When you go to a farmers market, you are pretty much guaranteed to leave with some unique variety of vegetable that you didn’t know existed. 

  •  Someone will give you either a discount or something for free.

  • You will return home feeling 10 times happier!!!! (ooops that just became 11)

  • And this is what is going to feed me this week!