So I think i might be going through my own terrible two's. I read somewhere once that youngsters when they are at or approaching the age of two that outbursts and tantrums start to emerge as they are struggling to express themselves and communicate their feelings, thoughts and emotions. Now not being a parent myself and given that I have not even a smidge of an idea about raising a little human, I am not suggesting that this is the case. However, what I have noticed is that at the '2' milestones in my life, something fishy is occurring. I should ask my mother what I was like at 2 and whether I was a crazy baby, because at 12 I started turning into a puberty monster, and 22 I went through the most tumultuous time with the most significant relationship I have been in to date, and now I am 32. BAM! Semi trailer. Frustration, irritability, difficulty connecting with myself, with others and with life around me. Not exactly knowing where I'm at, where I want to go and what I am. Well I know that I am not a cat, but work with me here! I pictured myself as a bit of an emotional volcano this morning while I was at yoga. Lava coming out of my head and shit. Ok, that part I only just thought of. But seriously, WTF?? When the hell did this start happening?? Probably when I was 2 eh?? Grinning......

Pre yoga beverage at Yoga Barn.....ginger, lime, lemon grass and honey!

Morphing into what I call Mellness, is not only about the quality of the fuel we put into our body and the movement we get as a result. It also means that we need to allow, permit or damn right make happen the days like I had yesterday. A day spent in Bali with inspiring bestie company, treating our body's and effectively our minds to massage, facial and feet treats. Followed by challenging emotional conversation and super nourishing superfood at one of my fav places to eat 'Down to Earth' aaaaah why aren't you in Melbourne??? Maybe I will just have to make you happen in Melbourne! 

If you are ever here, go here!!!!!
I guess sometimes we need to try just a little bit harder. Push boundaries and open up to something or someone that is different from yesterday. I think yesterday I took a baby step. And baby steps are almost always followed by feeling like you are being crushed by a giants step! But that's ok because the crushing feeling will disappear for a while making way for the next baby step. I better write that down so I remember......see ya xxxxxx