Education Pt 1: Cooking cooking cooking

So you will start to see my little blog here evolving. Mellness is going to be a collaboration of not just hoping to help others to stay awesome until they are 96 and beyond, but to keep me awesome too! And how do I do that?? By integrating all the extras that I love in life into my strive for conscious, healthy living.  And one of those loves is travelling. I think I love it more than I love my mum. Ok that is not possible, but I maybe love it the same. It's a passion, soul food, a life force. Anyways, it's huuuuuuge!! So of course my traveling is going to incorporate what I value in life.......cultural experiences, tradition, healthy back to basics living and education. Which is why I have made a commitment to do a cooking class in every single country I go to. I become the nerd  in the class asking so many questions because I love different cuisines, basic principles of the ingredients and how they are sourced and also how I can replicate  the recipe at home if I might be concerned about an ingredient whether for health or sustainable reasons ie palm sugar....NO THANKS!!!!!!!

So as you would have seen from some of my last posts, I was recently in Ubud in Bali Indonesia. I was lucky enough to be able to have the most amazing personal cooking experience with Wayan Suriani in her little kitchen nearby the villa I was staying at. I could not have gotten more of an authentic class.

Me, her, her little kitchen and her son fascinated by my camera!! Being one on one meant that I could ask her so much about the ingredients and where they come from, how the locals eat and why they use the methods they use.

                       Then I got to take it all back to my villa to share dinner with my buddies!


But I have to confess something. As excited as I get about creating dishes from scratch with fresh ingredients, there was something else that flipped me on my ass! She makes her own Kombucha!!!! Aaaaaaah I was floored when she asked me if I wanted a cold drink, and I nearly turned it down for my water!!! For anyone that has never heard of Kombucha, it is a fermented probiotic beverage brewed from tea through the aid of using a healthy bacteria called a SCOBY. I am not going to shower you with too much info here but if you want to know more about it feel free to ask or check it out for yourself. For those that have heard about it then you would probably agree that it is becoming a bit of a health fad. Which is sad because that inevitably means that it will get some flack! And I agree about fads. 

But what is fascinating is that when I explained to Wayan Surinai that in Australia it is becoming so popular as a 'health' drink, she found it strange because they just drink it on a hot day!!! Needless to say when she gave me some to take back to my friends and even some to bring home so I can begin brewing my own, I was a very pleased lil pumpkin!

So the moral of todays post is that tradition, the 'basics', old school tricks of the trade are the way to go. If you have a particular cultural background then get in touch with it. If you don't then that doesn't excuse us from not cooking and creating our own food and meals for ourselves, families and friends. Don't you want to be healthy, happy and show this to your children or future children.....or your cat??? LOL!!!!