Time to get personal!!

It’s funny. I started out writing my blog and Facebook page conscious of how I communicate, the words I use, whether I swear, whether I offend, whether it is funny. But you know what?  That’s shit. Because this has now become my online journal. You see I am basically split into 5 parts. Not like crazy schizto split. I just have a very adaptable personality.
I have always describe myself as the best display of my mum and dad. Equal parts. But I am starting to realise that parts of me I take from other in my family. My lil sist and her bf are like little semi gangstas. Hence my gangsta rap on my ipod and obsession with sneakers. My bro and his gf are reserved and keep to themselves (me a lot). Hahahahaha and anyone that knows me knows I am a hermit!! My other sister and her husband are straight up say-it- how–it- is crude and dirty (but only between us). Yes we take about sex at the dinner table.  My dad is so beautifully mannered, honourable and a total family man. He lives for his kids. We both share a very similar and moral view on the world. My mother is bursting with energy, wants to be a part of everything, and ambitious…..Hahahaha and that’s where I get my crazy 1000 ideas a day, my independence, my need to explore and my distaste for skincare products with so many mean things for our skin. So that’s why I am a little part of them all, collaborated into this urban hippy that that I am.

 I started this blog because by my standards I got to a pretty crappy place with my health. And wanted to share what I have learnt and keep learning. I thought that I needed to be of picture perfect health for people to want to be interested and ride the wave.  Not true. So how about just being real? So REAL people can relate. Because you know what? I am not perfect.  I am super clean, I am super charged with advice. I have a super amount of ideas and ways to help others and show how living a life of beautiful health in all aspects can be the best thing for your soul and the body it is in. But being real means being honest. And honestly, I am still kinda in that crappy place.  So there is a reason why I carry on and share stories, thoughts, ideas and information about non food related topics and seemingly random bull shit.  It is because I realised quite some time ago that focusing too much on food and fitness means that other things in our life suffer.

Our minds tell us what to do right? They create how we feel and how we feel is how we behave. How we behave can be the difference between making choices that make us feel better or not so great.  It is so hard to grab those thoughts before you act. Because, well they are just there! You almost don’t know what told you  ‘you know what, I have had a shitty day, f**k it I am just going to treat myself to cake” And that is something that I am struggling with.  LOL not the cake!!! I punch cake in the face unless it is a lovely occasion, homemade, gluten free, free of refined sugars and wholesome ingredients of course!!!

But I struggle with what my mind tells me. And it’s hard. And for all of us that do have those negative thought processes they affect us in many different ways. Some with weight, some with depression, some with addictive behaviours but we all wish to the universe that they weren’t there right??

So this is to everyone that feels like they know what I am talking about. And to not feel that just because I post pics of some recipe I made or that  I preach about how bad preservatives and gluten are, that I don’t share the same struggles.

Yaaaaaaaay, now lets have pajama party and talk about boys!!!!!!


The PRESENT moment, is what you PRE sent. So make more moments that you purposefully created. Not what your lazy brain told you