Tropical food explosion!!!

So I am 2 days into my 9 night stay in Ubud Bali and as per usual I am constantly smiling. What makes me smile?? Asia. That’s it, just Asia. No explanation necessary. I get that it is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s mine. Think of your best best best most favourite tea (I think mine is China Jasmine) and that is what it is for me. Mostly because of the perfect display of simpleness everywhere you look. Food, work, the daily grind, social activities, medical ailments, child distracting apparatus, make shift motorcycle helmets…….life in a nutshell. But let’s get back to the first word. Food. This intrigues me, but also makes me a lil sad. Sad because the past is leaving and with it day by day it takes with it a tiny slice of tradition with it. Because the future gets faster and faster everyday. And no I am not on the brink of a 30’s catastrophe. Ok, ok maybe a little but honestly as time flies, food and everyday life needs to catch up. We need food fast. Prepared. In packet form. With bright colours and awesome slogans like ‘good day coffee’ a 3 in 1 ready to go crime against the real deal. And I guess everyone can only do their best and live to their means right? But what is deflating is that generations that move in may slowly become dissected from their culture. Their cultures food.  But enough about negative things, let's talk all of the amaaaaazing stuff! The 'intriguing' part of the food!! Because that’s way more fun. Yesterday by chance we found out about a lovely little organic farm/caf√© that a beautiful walk through the rice paddies lead us to. Of  course when in Asian I get super overwhelmed with their local ingredients and concoctions and tend to order the most outrageous item I can find on the menu. Todays was a Balinese herbal drink of Balinese juice ( no answers as to what that is!) mixed with turmeric, tamarind and honey lime. POW with the turmeric!! My partners in crime also tried out amazing blends of juices with basil, mint, ginger and fresh fruits and wait for it……we were sitting amongst the garden it was all growing in! In fact we watched as they picked from the garden. Could the juice have been fresher?? Impossible!

                                                                                                                                                                   Today’s quest has seen me watch exquisite local coffee brewed by Balinese that know their shit,           

drinking  young coconut.....NOT

out of a can or bottle

and eating snake fruit AKA fruit too cool to be easily available in Australia. Queue snake fruit pic……