Why is it so hard to find what you are looking for?? Dang I'm gettin deep!

So I have a theory. And this may just apply to me. Which is probably why that makes it my theory....mmmm wow, such a genius. I believe that life is made up of a multitude of different spectrums which is why I don't believe in the phrase 'everything in moderation' it arrrrgh makes me so angry but that is for another post, and believe me it is coming! But back to why I think every part of life has it's own scale. Kinda like polar opposites. And at the half way point of my own vision of polar opposites there is a tipping point. I think that with many challenges, changes, or growth we hit this tipping point before shit gets real and we feel like we are losing the plot. This my friends then clears the stage for the next act to come along......bliss, happiness, success, content, peace and better yet all SMILES!!! Whoop! The thing is that anything negative in life stands out to us and crushes the visions and memories of some of the fabulous stuff. For instance, we dwell on how bad things are or have been more than focus on all the little positives. Apparently it takes 5 positive actions to counteract a negative. Therefore wouldn't it be fair to suggest that it would take 5 awesome things to occur for us to get over the fact that one shitty thing might not be going according to our precious plan?? Anyway I am getting off the beaten track here (why is the track beaten??) so back to the tipping point and finding the emerald city......

Whether you are looking for a new career, house, love, your calling, general life satisfaction or even a new couch (not judging) not matter what, it seems that unless you know what you are looking for you end up very exhausted. And even if you know what you are looking for it still may not appear straight away. Hence we get frustrated. Enter the tipping point. Picture a bucket. No, picture a dripping tap with a  bucket underneath. Each tiny drop adds to the bucket filling up bit by bit. One little drip doesn't seem like a big deal. Until it gets to the point where just one more drip means the bucket overflows and you  hit  breaking point. All of those tiny drips are your thoughts, feelings, emotions, visions and daydreams filling up the bucket resulting is mass irritation and general unhappiness. But what now??? Aha, this is only the start. Ah shit. It's just the monster creeping up on us to alert us that something needs to change. That there is discontent within us. Which leads to becoming exhausted. Due to there being such a huge part of your life that is unfulfilled, you spend so much of your time contemplating and searching for what it is that is going to help you hit that mark. For me it means that I spend so much of my time trying to find what it is that I am looking for that I feel like I make myself more and more busy and have nothing to show for it. The more I fill my life with solitary searching and procrastination, the less and less time I have to dedicate to those I care about. Or possibly finding someone to care about. Or devoting my energy to less things but that I enjoy. Becoming so lost in yourself and your life's direction means that your soul tires and you need a break. You feel desperate to have more and more time to yourself to relax and switch off. Double ended sword really.

I think what I am trying to say here is that by finding your truth, your place, your purpose, your direction, your groove tube you will spend less time trying to find it and have more time for others and for fun things like competitive hopscotch, fairy bread dinner parties (with fresh gluten free bread and some form of body happy sprinkles that I haven't created yet or maybe I just have....) and laughing with the bestest people you can find. Doing more of this and less of the disillusioned soul stumbling means that eventually everyone will have more time for each other, appear less selfish to those around them that may need them and hopefully create a much better life vibe.

So to those that feel like I am speaking to them.......embrace the struggle to find it and DO IT. And to those who think that I have been sitting in a tree smoking fairy dust. I will make up for it with this recipe:

Roasted rosemary sweet potato and Apples

This recipe I got from PaleOMG and she is a damn genius! It is divine and goes great as a warm winter dish on it's own or as a side to a nice slow cooked roast. But the pic I have here is where I also turned this into a dessert (of course so I could make it my own!) once roasted I tossed with some crunchy toasted pepitas and a big dollop of coconut cream. Soooooo good!!!!

All you need is.....

  • sweet potatoes
  • apples
  • melted coconut oil (enough to thoroughly cover the mix)
  • fresh rosemary (or dried if you don't have)
  • salt

1. Chop up equal amounts of sweet potato and apples into small cubes and place in a bowl
2.  Pour over coconut oil and mixed with your hands until covered.
3. Sprinkle with rosemary and salt and mix with a spoon.
4. Transfer to a baking tray lined with foil and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 35 minutes or until sweet potato is cooked through. 

*Tip: Try tossing diced fried bacon through it. Haven't tried it yet but it could be amazing!