Why did I title this 'Kardashians'? It is because recently I was sick for a few days and I became hooked on the series. Like addicted. But firstly let me bitch about how angry I was that I got sick. I pride myself in the fact that I neeeeeever get sick! And since changing to an office environment at work I have caught 2 colds. It makes me feel like my body is not strong enough to smash away infections with a baseball bat. Until I started being nicer to myself. And reminded myself of what I already know.....that being sick actually proves that my body is working perfectly. Because when something thinks it can sneak its way into your system and crash, getting sick is the body's response to ridding itself of those foreign bodies and kicking them out! So I visited my personal medical cabinet which houses the following:

  • Ginger
  • Tumeric
  • Lemon
  • Echinacea
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Chlorella
  • Multivitamins
This is not a joke, I literally have a medicine box that does not contain one pill. Just essential oils, some key supplements (only for these occasions where a healthy diet needs a hand) and the above. Needless to say I smashed it out of me!

However getting back to The Kardashians, it made me want to go shopping, put more effort into my make up and appearance when I step out (CBF THESE DAYS) and was generally entertaining. You see I have recently labeled myself an 'urban hippy'!  I am excited by all things natural, love sustainable practices, love yoga, mediation, spiritualism, community gardens, recycled design, eco holiday retreats, colonic irrigation, herbs, ancient medicinal practices, incense, essential oils as perfume, harem pants, wearing no make up and activating seeds and nuts as decor in my kitchen. But do I love my Marc Jacobs bag? YES! Would I ever give up my favourite Lancome mascara? Nope! Am I upset that I bought a top from the corporate giant H&M last night. No no no no! It is these thoughts that make me ponder the 'spectrum' concept that I have. Our whole life should be viewed as a spectrum. And everything that we do to create our lives is based on different levels. Sometimes we try so hard to do the 'right'  thing and buy only organic, all earth friendly products, avoid all mass consumed products, practice mindful behaviours, go to the gym  never eat McDonalds and never look at the colour BLUE!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!

But we are not perfect. And in fact what is perfect to me is maybe excessive to you or not congruent with how you live. Most people try to make a change to their lives and get overwhelmed with trying to change everything! But just start small.  Do you think when I started living a healthier lifestyle that I started off buying organic produce, grass fed meat and decided to pay attention to what I was putting on my skin or where my clothing was made??? Hell no!! 

I have my own spectrum I try to by as conscious as I can and when my budget permits. Not all my skincare is free from nasties, not all my household products are free from chemicals, not all my clothing.......actually NONE of my clothing is sustainable and it won't be until it becomes funkier (and believe me it is definitely getting there!) I don't do yoga everyday, I sometimes eat something that I am probably not comfortable with and I don't give to charity enough or volunteer. But I have incorporated so many healthier, sustainable, earth friendly, body friendly, aspects into my life that have just developed over time. It trust me things just develop once you become more and more conscious and learn lots and lots!!! I have my limits and my non negotiables. 

But just do what you can and just start. And we don't have to do everything, but if we each just started to change one thing, say buying an all natural ingredients hand wash that is cruelty free, then the world and earth will already be better than yesterday. And the rest will follow. 

Wow. Deep