Getting my omega 3 on...Sardine pate

I don't get enough omega 3 fatty acids. It's a fact. And why do I care about this?? Well apart from wanting to get the most optimum amounts of nutrients in my life AT ALL TIMES, omega 3 makes my brain better. And seriously that is pretty important to me these days because sometimes I feel like my brain goes.....waaaaaaaaaaap waaaaaap waaaaaaaaaaaap down a black hole. And let's face it, we focus on making sure our body is healthy and functioning well but forget about nutrition and personal training for the brain. So considering oily fish has very high levels of this essential nutrient. I decided to get crazy with sardines!!

Now I am not a fish lover so I wanted to find a way I could eat them. I found this recipe for pate so I thought I would give it a crack. Sooooooo easy peeeeasy and like 3 or 4 ingredients! But it was still a bit fishy for me. This would also work great with flaked salmon or tuna which for me would be so much yummier but just not as beneficial. Back to the oily drawing board! Check out  the recipe from Nuts about Food