Mushroom bun burger with Rosemary Fried lemons

Everyone needs a burger from time to time. Or maybe you need one once a week. And if it is a burger like this then its A OK! What difference does the 'A' make on front of the 'ok'?? Meh...anyways I was never the biggest fan of mushrooms until maybe the last year. And the lager the mushroom the stronger the flavour. Which is why I had a wee bit of food anxiety about making this. But prepared this way, kicked that worry in the shins!

Mushroom bun burger

You can use any larger flat variety of mushroom, as they are around the same size as burger bun.
1. Wipe over mushroom with a paper towel and rub with olive oil.
2. Season with a little salt and pepper and place inside up on a aluminium lined baking tray
3. Bake in oven at 220 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

Once your burger buns are done you can fill with any of your favourite fillings. I packed this full of salads and avocado with a grass fed beef patty. I really wanted that tomato sauce taste without using the processed, number filled kind so I mixed a little bit of a weirdo sauce....

100% organice tomato paste

Sweet and creamy!

I recommend giving these pieces of Rosemary fried lemons a go! From my fav Civilised Caveman George Bryant. I was so curious that I could't help myself. Amazing taste!!