Leaping into the crazy world!

So I am about to embark on a crazy adventure. Actually I am already on it! This blog is about to get a little bit diffs. For this who know me, you know that I have made a huge decision to leave the job I was at for the last 9 years and move into a totally different direction. Leeeeeeeap! I have chosen to follow my heart and try and make a go of something new!
Found this on the plane on the first leg of my journey....appropriate much?!

So as I merge into the career path of health, wellness, food, nutrition, coaching, empowering and whatever else that goes along with that I have taken sometime off to explore what I love the most.....the world! Broad you think? Travelling alongside the previous mentioned topics is one of my ultimate passions. And I intend to keep you updated on my travels as I explore culture, traditions, food, sights, sounds, feelings and basically life. Life is meant to be filled as much as possible with the things we love. So that is what I am doing! So if you love travel and love seeing what the world looks like as I explore the simple life, food, the streets, the people and pretty much all things that I find awesome, then welcome. and keep reading!