Fish fillet with tamarind glaze

Because I get waaaaaay too excited when I am let loose in an Asian, Indian, African or Icelandic supermarket (ok, Icelandic is a lie), I more often than not leave with an ingredient that I have no idea what to do with let alone used before. In steps in the tamarind pulp that has been sitting in my pantry longer than I need to admit to. Researched a few websites and altered the recipe to subtracted the shit I hate and this is what I got. 

Tamarind Glaze

1/4 cup tamarind pulp (stalk your local Asian or Indian supermarket)
2 tbs fish sauce
2 tbs of coconut aminos*
1 tbs tamari 
1 tsp lime juice

*Don't lose your mind if you can't find coconut aminos, just substitute with more tamari and 1/2 tsp of sugar (no sugar for me though!)

1. Cover that tamarind pulp in boiling water and soak it for 15-20 mins.

2. Using a sieve, strain the pulp through to remove the pips and fibres. 

3. Once you are left with your tamarind puree, mix in your fish sauce, coconut aminos, lime juice and tamari. 

Initially you might freak as the tamarind can still seem little sour and over powering but once used as a glaze on your fish, chicken or meat the flavour is less intense and develops a little more sweetness!

Fish fillet was crazy with the sweetness and cooked on the BBQ. Smiles!

P.s I don't waste much in my house so with the water left from the soaking pulp I am mixing up a summer beverage which I will only share if the result is not embarrassing!