Change and challenge.....start liking it!!

Yes, the places you will go............ if you start making changes!!

I am best friends with my comfort zone. Or I was. I actually think we might be going through a bit of a break up.  And that would usually scare the whiteness out of me, but it’s not. Because I think I have, wait for it…..CHANGED!! There you go, I just said the 'c' word that everyone hates! Well one of them. So why do we all hate change? Or, why do we hate being challenged by change for that matter? Have you got your answer? Good. I don’t really have mine so let’s go with yours. Yay, thanks! But what I do have is some answers as to why I think that I am starting to open up to the idea of going on a speed date with change.  It’s because I have noticed some pretty cool things that can come as a result of c-h-a-n-g-e!

Who hates being bored? I know, everyone does. ‘Being bored is my hobby’……said NO ONE EVER! But what does being bored really mean?

adjective: bored

feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one's current activity.

Hahahaha so how do you fix that little dilemma then eh? Get busy doing something that interests you so you feel stimulated and react to the world and others with more patience. Basically the complete opposite of every word that defines the word bored.

Now it might not be that easy to do what interests you, but that is where challenge comes to the party. I noticed something today. I have only been working at my current job for 2 months. A job that I had absolutely no experience in and needed to learn from scratch. In the beginning I was so nervous, uneasy and hated not knowing exactly down to a tea what I was doing. I like knowing EVERYTHING. It makes me feel safe and secure. But today I noticed that things weren’t so busy at work and because I now know what I'm doing like the creases in my pinky finger, I started dropping the ball a bit. The sub conscious part of my brain was on auto pilot and I wasn’t engaging and putting my  ‘conscious’ mind to work. And our conscious mind is where we need to be living more and more of our lives. What had happened was I had gotten comfortable with what I was doing. I got stale. When I realized that I wasn’t bringing my full ‘A’ game that I started thinking….’maybe I actually like change.’ No. Really?? Me? Yikes. 
Here are some of the things about change and challenge that I have noticed recently that have awesome written all over them......
  • It starts the ball rolling and paves the way for more changes to occur because you aren’t as scared anymore. Because of this, you feel way more motivated to make changes in other areas of your life or at least be ok with changes that happen that you cant control
  • You get addicted. You start wanting more challenges to change things up because you start adapting to new and different situations far quicker!
  • You say goodbye to being a fish that is caught in a safety net. Freedom!
  • You feel way more positive and start getting all of these crazy creative and innovative thoughts and ideas.
  • This then makes you happier. And people like happy people. They want to be around them. People will then want to be around you. Not stalk you. Just be around you, like normal people.
  • You feel more like a champion because you have more confidence. 
  • Surviving what you think might be scary gives you more resilience to do other things like quit sugar. And let’s face it, everyone is scared of quiting sugar!!

Ok, I am not writing anymore. That should get you started on thinking about whether you are stale and bored or if you are a challenge and change junkie. Or if you want to be the latter one :-)

Love xxxx