Mel's hot tip for a healthy winter!!

"Always add something with ‘more life’ to your meals"

I know it is getting super cold here in Melbourne which means we tend to sway away from our crisp light salads and more towards our hearty, warming and earthy meals. Mmmmmm…..slow cooker. But don’t forget how important it is to still be making a raw addition to your meal. This is so that you are giving yourself access to the max amount of nutrients to fight off the bugs of winter.  The way I like to think of it is, ‘the less time since the food has ‘died’ the more life there is inside it!’

Think about it this way. When a human body dies, it stops physically living yeah? It’s done (physically). It will soon have no living energy. From this moment on the time in which the body had the most ‘life’ in it increases. As this continues, the life that was once inside starts to deteriorate more and more.

Now, think about your food the same way!

The moment your apple was picked (died) the deterioration has commenced. The time in which it had the most life energy (nutrients) starts to increase. Two seconds after it was picked it has 2 seconds less ‘life.’ 2 days after this, it has 2 days less life (nutrients) than 2 days ago. Do you get where I am going with this?? You may have seen a picture of how the human body looks when it starts to decompose, it eventually diminishes into nothing. You can’t help but think ‘wow, what nutrients are actually left in my food when it is not freshly eaten or made??’ And even more so……what about when we cook it! Cooking it is essentially speeding up the process much like a human body being cremated!! Less life at a quicker pace!

Now please don’t mistake me for a ‘Raw Foodist’ I don’t really think that we should all be following the ‘raw eating’ movement.  And in particular, in the Autumn and Winter months it is actually much better for your digestion to consume slower, easier to break down foods. This is cos your body is workin extra hard trying to keep you warm!! But while eating these kinds of meals it’s always important to add a bit of pep to your step!

This could be:

  • ·      A handful of spinach, lettuce, and greens on the side of your Sunday roast or slow cooked meat
  • ·      Some fresh fruits to your muesli or porridge
  • ·      Some avocado or fresh tomato to your big breakfast
  • ·      Zucchini or carrot noodles to go with your Bolognese
  • ·      A handful of fresh herbs dumped on top of your soup or curry

Just get into the habit of thinking ‘what is something fresh I can add?’