Strengthen to build. Not build to strengthen

In my efforts of regulating my hormones, in particular balancing out my cortisol levels, I have changed up my forms and intensity of exercise as well as other lifestyle factors such as foods and eating patterns, mindful posture and breathing and recognising when I am pushing to exceed where my limits may be  right now. And I am mindful that it is just ‘right now.’ Not forever.
Adjusting my routines and actions (mentally and physically) is going to help minimise the cortisol (the hormone that gets released under good and bad stress) response in my body to help with my energy levels and other niggles. Although exercise can be a fantastic way to reduce stress, depending on your current state and lifestyle it could be making matters worse. This means for me that already has a stressed out system, it is crucial that I am mindful of the type of exercise I am doing. Anything too hard, fast and too much promotes a constant excess of cortisol in my system which can be completely counter productive to building a strong, healthy, functioning body.

I have always enjoyed yoga and have practiced for many years at least once a week. But I cannot think of a time where I have been so attached and notice such a difference to my world as it is making right now.
If I can be completely honest with you guys I have an underlying battle with using food and exercise as a control lever when things around me and in my life feel threatened, shaky and generally out of control. And today I caught it as it was starting to creep in again. Instead of finding some way to fit in more or more intense exercise I was able to tie myself back to what has been a huge inspiration for me lately. And this amazingly graceful human, Laruga Glaser is constantly bringing me back home. To my roots. To my centre. To my heart and my love of yoga.  And what was once, a once or twice a week practice, has now become an everyday ritual. Every morning I get up and get on my mat. Having something like this that is my go to every morning is helping to anchor me and replace the habit of always finding a way to do exercise or movement that my body is not going to thrive from and keeping me from more harm. But what as been the most noticeable change is how I have been more able to deal with stressful events, people and situations and I feel more calm, grounded, balanced and stronger as a result.

Ahhhhhhh the gift.