Terra Madre

I totally get it, buying organic or even whole foods can  sometimes be a little more expensive than what most people are used to. Why would  spend money on this sort of stuff when you can buy ultra chemical laden factory packaged foods, pastuerised and homogenised dairy and meat and poultry that is a result of a meat industry that is disrespectfully mass produced? Maybe if you have started to become curious and have begun to educate yourself on what is into and what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to the majority of the food that is available for us to purchase. It is pretty scary and straight up not healthy for us to be consuming on a regular basis. And that is the reason it is so cheap. These 'apparent' foods can be produced at such a cheap cost because the ingredients used to create them are so poor quality, so poorly produced and so anti nutritious. Food either promotes life or death. And these foods promote death. 

Now before anyone gets antsy, let me tell you that I am pretty broke. Yep, straight up. So when I do my grocery shopping I need to be super smart, super frugal and plan my meals and budget like a ninja. Why do I bother? Because I want to be riding a bike with my great grandkids when I am 110 and I don't want to suffer a chronic illness like cancer, arthritis or diabetes when I am in my 50's.......so I prefer to buy nicer food instead of getting pedicures for the time being. 
Terra Madre is a network of food communities, which are groups of small-scale food producers committed to producing quality food in a responsible, sustainable way. 
But it is also an organic whole foods store in the suburb of Northcote in Melbourne's inner north east. I have been told of how crazy cheap their prices are but for a girl that has a fine time searching for the best prices possible, I was pretty skeptical. Buuuuuuut I have eaten my words. Of natural whole foods origin of course. 
I rarely am able to by the organic version of many things, but even the prices at Terra Madre are pretty mean value. I tried searching and searching online for prices before I made the trek (it's over an hour away from me) which was super frustrating, so I thought I would do you all a favour and list the prices of some of the products so you can all get an idea for yourselves. I will update and add prices from my future visits too:

  • 100% Coconut Cream (guar gum free) $.135
  • 100% Coconut cream $0.99
  • Black Beans $1.25
  • Balsamic vinegar 500ml $2.95
  • Cold pressed coconut oil 1L $9.95 
  • Tamari 500ml $6.00
  • Brunswick tinned sardines $1.35
  • La Tortilleria Tortilla wraps $4.95 
  • Raw Honey 1kg $14.00
  • Stevia powder 30gm $11.00
  • Stevia liquid 50ml $11.00

  • Organic walnuts $27.90 kg
  • Organic almonds $27.50 kg
  • Raw seed mix $10.95 kg
  • Dried whole bananas $11.90 kg
  • Dried fruit salad medley $13.95 kg
  • Maca Powder $17.90 kg
  • Raw Carob powder $9.90 kg
  • Raw cacao powder $10.90 kg
  • Hemp Protein powder $9.90 kg