Thursday, 24 April 2014

The moral of the story.......behind the curtain is interesting stuff!

I am currently doing a little bit of a detox. Not a super strict detox but one that still flushes out the system with the aid of homeopathics........yes,  I can hear all the groans.......argh not another one of those bullshit detox's. Well actually that's not what I am even going to talk about. I am going to talk about ponies. Ok I'm not, but I just wanted to share how much of a weirdo I can be because I am a little bit single-white-female obsessed (an early 90's film for those who don't know. Get on it!) with learning how the body reacts to certain foods, when it doesn't have certain foods, the environment, your mental get the point. As part of my detox guidelines I am to limit myself to 1 green tea a day. Now for anyone who knows me they know how much I loooooove my green tea. In particular my Chinese Jasmine green tea! Which may get annoying for others sometimes when catching up for 'coffee' means asking what teas they have available or me asking for hot water everywhere I go to feed the teas bags lurking in my hand bag!! One thing is for sure, I never realised how addicted I was to that particular tea!! And two, although green tea does contain some caffeine it has does not contain the levels that your coffee does. I cut coffee out of my daily routine a loooong time ago and it has now just become a once a week or fortnight treat. So naturally I get normal human tired, not the come down from caffeine tired. So I guess I never noticed that green tea had much of an effect on me......WRONG!!!! Now it could just be that my body is detoxing, but I feel lots more sleepy!!!! I never knew how much my lovely tea pepped me up. I have lots of teas on hand but I always go to my green tea comfort everyday. So now it is now about pumping more herbal teas into me. 

Now I am about to share a link with you that is going to seem like a complete plug, but I just simply like knowing the story behind successes and love that it brings mindfulness to achievements that we can all make. In fact this beautiful girl is an old friend that isn't really in my life anymore but I love what she does, I love her passion, I love her businesses and she has researched, created and even packages all her own herbal teas. Her blends have the BEST names, the BEST combinations and I just really want to share. Her range is called One leaf at a time The link will take you to her Northcote Natural Therapies online store page where you can buy the tea. You can also check it out at 

So the basically learnings of today is that I don't think that we truly know a lot about the body that we carry around all day until we strip it back, start from scratch and get down and dirty with what the hell is going inside our insides!! And the tea was just the start :-)

Happy Thursday 23 of April everyone 


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Things I learnt over the Easter long weekend....

This post is my way of being mindful. Which I hope helps others to become more mindful. Mindful Mellness!! Hahaha.......ok that is not even funny. Just embarrassing. But seriously, you are going to have to start getting used to this talk because there is going to be a lot more of it. Especially in May. We shall chat about that later. Aaaaaaaaaanyways, in the few days over Easter in which I was so thankful to have off work I picked up on a few little bits and pieces:

  • Eating nasties once in a while if you are generally quite healthy, can be tolerated. NOT beneficial, but tolerated. Eating to much of that crap all at once makes my body prove to me how good it works by punishing me with the following...

* Mouth ulcer
* Skin break outs
* Depression
* Disrupted sleep
* Dark under eye circles

  • Staying over at mum and dads house and spending time with family can be as good as a holiday.

  • Adults too, can go crazy after eating too much chocolate!

  •  Evan Brand of notjustpaleo  pointed out a very interesting concept. We as a society do not have any stress management routines that are built into to our western culture. Many other cultures have ceremonies, rituals, yoga and meditation ingrained into their blood which we might look at and think is weird and outside the norm. But this huge part of lifestyle that we lack, needs to be filled with our own stress management tools (and not getting plastered on the weekend either!). 

Socialising, connecting with family, disconnecting from technology, getting out in the fresh open space, going with the flow and being present in as many moments as possible are all great stress management techniques that we should be turning into a routine.

  • Oh and the Easter bunny is not real..........whaaaaaaaaaaaat???

Monday, 21 April 2014

Pears in a salad....that's just it. Pears in a salad!

Tangy pear salad

Salad mix

1 bunch of salad leaves
1/2 a pear thinly sliced
1/ 2 a cumber thinly sliced
small handful of fresh mint


1 teaspoon of honey
1 tablespoon of oil (tonight I decided on macadamia nut oil, olive oil is fine)
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger or 100% crushed ginger in a jar as I used

Toss all salad ingredients together + mix together all dressing ingredients + pour dressing over salad =


In honour of my Chinese medicine interest at the moment I sprinkled the salad with some goji berries and because every one needs a bit of crunch, I threw in some pumpkin seeds for funnies!!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Reese's peanut butter cups = NO!!.....Mellness' peanut butter balls = YES!!!!!

Well it is Easter and let's face it, that means chocolate! For me it also means hot cross buns (actually even more so than chocolate, gasp!)  but I had a failed attempt at a Mellness alternative so it's now about the chocolate treats! Now unfortunately, through strict instruction from my chiropractor I am not to consume chocolate due the acidic properties in cacao the messes with my belly. Which now when I think of is probably more fortunate! But the way I see things,  I treat my insides with a lot of respect with regards to the foods I put into it so my body should be able to defend itself quite well with a once  a year chocolate binge. As long as the chocolate is of highest quality (the more cacao, the less room for other cheap crap!) or even better.....home made like these!!!!

Choc nut butter balls

Nut dough

1  cup of nut butter of your choice ( on this occasion I used a blended peanut/coconut spread that I needed to use up but any kind of nut butter works)

2  tablespoons of coconut flour

1  tablespoon of melted honey or 100% pure maple syrup

Dark choc coating

4 tablespoons of raw cacao powder

4 tablespoons of coconut oil  (solid)

1 tablespoon of melted honey or 100% pure maple syrup

  • Mix all ingredients for the nut dough together and roll into small balls and place in the freezer for 15 minutes

  • Meanwhile combine the coconut oil and honey, and slowly start adding in the cacao powder a little at a time continuing to stir.

  • Remove balls from the freezer and toss into the chocolate a couple at a time to coat. The chocolate will start to  solidify around the frozen balls.

  • Place each ball on a tray of baking paper and place in the fridge until ready to serve! 


P.s make just the chocolate and mix some raisins or sultanas (organic and not soaked in sunflower oil or preservative 220) like I did, spread it on a tray of baking paper and pop in the fridge for your own block (slab lol) of chocolate!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Gettin all spiritual and stuff on a Saturday

So I was listening to this podcast on the way to work the other day and was having quite a lot of ‘OMG that’s so true’ moments so I thought I would share it. Now beware, I am gonna get a little cray cray over here in my au naturale tie dye hemp seed incense burning corner.

Basically, it just made me question quite a bit about what we as society and humanity have already done and what we are doing to ourselves. I know that the concept of humans being too smart for their own good and potentially killing of their own race is old school…….but you know what?? It’s kinda true.

 It talks about how much we have disconnected ourselves from nature which makes us pretty damn vulnerable! Think about it, we always say ‘the forces of mother nature’ and ‘don’t mess with mother nature.’ Why? Because she is bloody powerful that’s why!!! And shouldn’t we want to stay allies with something that is powerful??? Yes yes yes!! Because that is how we win wars! But it seems that as time passes, we are losing.

We have and are continuing to distance ourselves from anything that is natural. We are bombarding ourselves with too much information, chemicals, technology and essentially have run far far away from nature and everything that it provides us with. We are getting sicker and sicker because we are dividing our selves from our natural state of being. If we divide ourselves from nature (from natural ways of living, natural healing, natural food, even from the earth) then it conquers us.  

So why do we pick on all of the tree hugging hippies that walk around barefoot?? It’s probably because they appear spaced out and have consistent body odour issues. Ok sorry, that’s not true!  Do you realise that they are probably more grounded and more in sync with how we should be living and faaaaaar more balanced and happier than most of us??? But  instead we think we have it aaaaaaaall figured out with our antibiotics, baby formulas, substitutes for this and supplements for that, plugs, wires, concrete, radiation, corporation, fake, pollution, busy, stressed, packaged, 30 second, zero calorie microwave bullshit that isn’t winning us any brownie points.

Tell me, can you remember the last time you were in the bush or forest? The beach? The mountains? Saw a waterfall, a beautiful sunset , watched butterfly or ate a fresh ripe juicy apple? And now how stressed, tired, ill, depressed and shitty did any of those make you feel?

GAME SET MATCH   xxxx  check out podcast #26 with Troy Casey if this stuff gave you a brainwave.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Home rescue remedy - Nasty colds

So my Chiropractor had a baby. Which makes me a bit sad. Why does that make me sad?? Because it means that selfishly I haven’t been able to feed my Chiro fetish in over 2 months. Which also means that considering I go every 2-3 weeks, I have a cranky body. But the part that makes me angry is that for the first time in almost 3 years, I started to get symptoms of a cold. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Does that mean I am not invincible?? I guess not….sad face.

For those that are not familiar with Chiropractic, then basically they are nervous system doctors. They nervous system comprises of your brain and your spine. When your spine is misaligned due to lots of kinds of stresses that we place on the body these days, then your nervous system is not functioning to it’s full capacity which leads to our body’s getting sick and most common sign of this…..COLDS!! You will find that most people that visit Chiropractors less frequently get colds and sickness and if they feel a bit under the weather then they will get cracking and get an adjustment from their saintly Chiro!

Now seeing as I am without mine at the moment, I decided to put up a fight with my own little concoction. So this is my Mellness remedy.

In a mug of hot water mix:

  • ·      a teaspoon of Manuka honey
  • ·      a teaspoon of grated ginger
  • ·      a quarter wedge of lemon juice (I leave the wedge in the water as I sip)
  • ·      a teaspoon of turmeric

And a couple of times I mixed in some yummy coconut oil (I am so addicted!!)

So why these ingredients??

         Tumeric - stimulates and strengthens the immune system due to it’s strong anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal qualities.

·      Manuka honeyused for a range of medicinal used due to it’s unique components of antibiotics that are not found in all honeys. Manuka honey is graded according level of potency of these unique compounds. You can’t just start eating just any normal honey buy the spoonful!

·      Ginger helps to clear throat and nasal congestion and warms up the body.

·      Lemonreduces phlegm, assists respiratory issues, high in vitamin c which aids in iron absorption. Iron is actually very important in immune function. If your immune system is not pulling it’s weight then guess what….in come the sick bugs!